Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Supplemental Information

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Replication Materials

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– Coverage in The Boston Globe, Reason

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Replication Materials

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– Coverage in Duck of Minerva

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– Coverage in The Monkey Cage

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Other Publications

Fake News, Propaganda, and Lies Can Be Pervasive Even If They Aren’t Persuasive. 2018. Comparative Politics Newsletter, 28(2), 49–55.

Simple and Formal Models in Comparative Politics (with Thomas Pepinsky). 2016. Chinese Political Science Review. Vol 1, No 3, 425-447. (Editor Invited)

Working Papers

Kompromat (with Ryan Hübert). Revise and Resubmit, American Journal of Political Science.

Unbelievable Lies (with Sherif Nasser).

A Behavioral Theory of Discrimination in Policing (with Ryan Hübert).

Motivated Reasoning and Democratic Accountability (with Keith Schnakenberg and Ian Turner).