Andrew T. Little
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Classes taught at Berkeley:

Intro to Empirical Analysis & Quantitative Methods (Undergraduate, Fall 2018)

Formal Models in Political Science (Graduate, Spring 2018)

Game Theory in the Social Sciences (Undergraduate, Fall 2017)

Classes taught at other institutions

Game Theory 1, Cornell (Graduate, Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015)

Game Theory 2, Cornell (Graduate, Spring 2014,
Spring 2015)

Mathematical Models of Human Behavior, Cornell (Undergraduate, Spring 2014)

Formal Theory 1, Harvard  (Graduate, Fall 2016)

Analytical Skills for Global Affairs, NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (MA
, Fall 2011-Spring 2012)

TA for International Relations Honors Seminar, NYU Politics (Undergraduate, Fall 2010-Spring 2011)

Prefector for Methods of Political Research, Carleton College (Undergraduate, 2005-2006)

Teaching Materials for Public Consumption

Three Templates for Introductions to Political Science Articles.

Lecture Notes on Preferences